Container of time
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Human existence goes beyond the concrete identifiable social forms known to man. During the creative thinking process, it is as if an invisible version of yourself floats from your body in an attempt to extend your existence. A space can tell you everything about its designer.

We have attempted to make the studio space feel like air: objective, homogeneous, concrete and yet abstract. It doesn't say anything, but when you immerse yourself in it, it is as if time and space are homogeneous.

The first floor is a multifunctional space that covers reception, product research, and an art gallery. There are obvious differences in the space of the two floors of the studio. The first floor tends to be classical and symmetrical in terms of its spatial dimensions. Space acts as the background to all else, and a clean framework and objectivity are required to support all possible changes to the display in the future. This is crucial for designers.

Through control of the spatial proportions and the absolute submission to and grasp of natural light (a vital material), the designer has provided the studio with an immersive atmosphere in which people and objects are homogenized. People and objects have their own place, and there is no principal-subordinate relationship between the two. Objects seem to adopt a fresh and new look every day, and people have a greater awareness of the objects in the space.

In the search for objects, the designer stumbled across a Leizhou stone dog. Clumsy yet modern, with its head tilted up and its mouth exposing two large teeth, the stone dog is both cute and lifelike. It sits peacefully as an "infinite" artwork that contends with time.

Objects in space are often subject to changes. The addition of an item, the sudden change of natural light at certain times, or even visits from friends may also make the designer re-consider the spatial state.To some extent, the spatial state of the studio indicates the design team's concept of space as well as their strong vision of trying to practice contemporary life and aesthetics in an interdisciplinary way.

The semi-tranparent curtain creates different perceptions of the spatial dimensions and the circuitous line depending on if it is partially or fully opened. From time to time, the designer will change the way it is opened and make adjustments based on the new space arrangement.

The space on the second floor is relatively dynamic, incorporating office, conference, and lounge and leisure facilities. Arranged in an array, the randomly staggered high and low ceilings (the sections of low ceiling are designed to hide the irregularly distributed beams) and the wall cabinets on both sides find an effortless balance between virtual and solid design elements. This is the outcome of combining site structure and functional requirements. The track spotlights are arranged on the side of the ceiling blocks, producing an effect of "invisible lighting" in some spaces.

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