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"There is paradise on the top and Suzhou and Hangzhou on the bottom" has been read as a lot of fluff, which will make people get used to it. Without any difference, they will put two representative Jiangnan landscapes together and forget their own temperament.

There were many jokes about Suzhou or Suzhou people in Ming and Qing Dynasties, but Suzhou was the most popular and prosperous city. So it's probably a little bit out of jealousy. There is no discussion here. There is a joke in the story of Xiaolin Guangji, about a Hangzhou man and a Suzhou man sitting together. Hangzhou people eat oranges, Suzhou people eat olives. Hangzhou people ask Suzhou people, what's delicious about this thing? Suzhou people replied that after eating the food, they would go back to Gansu. Hangzhou people say, when you go back to Gansu, I've been sweet for dozens of times. Although it's a joke, it's different in character, likes and dislikes. Song's sister-in-law fish soup and pianerchuan are the legacy of the Central Plains. They are the product of the southward crossing. The gene of the Central Plains is deeply embedded in the beautiful outside. Hangzhou is also a city. After listening to Suzhou's Pingtan, we can know Wunong's soft words. They are graceful and colorful, euphemistic and long-lasting, and can be used lightly in non Dongshi. This is also Suzhou.


The Suzhou Mei project has a strategic implication that the owner attaches importance to it. This project is not only a sales department with a conventional meaning, it also contains a brand's display status and its cultural awareness Understanding of culture. As the designer, the design director also hopes to express a cultural understanding through this project, and integrate this understanding into the design, and then become a harmonious part of the current regional culture.

In the end, the design of the beautiful Yunzhu Future Life Pavilion actually has the functions of sales, display and experience, as well as the local business card of the project. Such a comprehensive nature is very dramatic in itself. When the design director guides and sets the tone for the design, he considers this inner state as a design clue. Grasping the rhythm of this expression is the key to the project design.


Dong Qichang once said, "People used painting as a fake landscape, but landscape painting is a true painting, so why not see it upside down!" Painting. "This concept, which has a distinctive Nanzong color, became a source of inspiration for designers to obtain expression.

The profound humanities in the ground have been the traditional Chinese aesthetics for hundreds of years. This trait is obviously out of fashion with a dazzling technique. Clever borrowing is the essence of Suzhou gardens. At the same time, as the flourishing place of Chinese literati culture, the best way is to pay tribute to the book with a sense of scrolling, as much as possible.


In the overall treatment of the space, the designer adapted to the local conditions, and understood the entire space as a slowly rolling hand scroll, based on the blue brick powder wall. The texture and color difference of the two materials are contrasted in reverse. The expression of Nanzong's mountains and rivers, expressing "without painting and taking Yunshan as the ink play," makes the space as empty and sparse as possible, innocent and innocent. And this is also the trace of the essence of aesthetics in hundreds of years in Southern Jiangsu. While dealing with parallel vision, the designer has not forgotten the proper grasp of looking up vision. The Chinese speak of taste. The first thing is "salt plum". If you grasp it properly, ordinary things can reflect magic. In each functional space, the designer uses the holes and scenery of Taihu Stone as the idea and uses simple methods to connect , Don't do more rendering, while it lasts. Above ground, enlighten the future with suspended boulders.

The designer draws inspiration from Suzhou classical gardens and Taihu Stone, and uses “clever use of borrowing” and “changing scenes” to connect technology, humanities and art to form a rich sensory experience, adapting to different time and space. Functional requirements make the whole project possible to become a city landscape. The openings at different positions and scales become windows to look into the city, and at the same time increase the interest and expand the spatial boundaries, so that those who are in it can be seen and seen as their own scenery, which not only makes people smile.

The scene display and life experience of smart life are the organic integration of space facilities and equipment. From 5M experience hall to smart kitchen, from unmanned supermarket to DNA coffee, the possibility of future life in the era of Industry 4.0, and the uniqueness and super IP of this project, which is different from conventional projects, customers can be in the space. Experience and interaction, I wo n’t go into details.

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